Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Come and join the Nature Photography Club!

It is rewarding and fulfilling to know that our youths are enthusiastic to connect with nature. In this challenging cyber era, where social media tends to take our young generation’s attention from nature, some kids still understand the benefit of connecting with the natural environment. As part of Frankfort educational program PEP, Jeri Howell and I thought some students Nature Journalism and Nature Photography respectively. I was amazed by their commitment to the classes. I recently started a Nature photography club at JSP. I bet, the trees will be our friend much sooner than I anticipated. The onemilliontrees hunt is just getting started!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Anyuúkô mmamïrī önü ô gbá ûfüfü

I am excited to present our newest discovery from JSP!
We found the below sculpture by nature together. My student
Donald was able to capture the hair, Carol and I spotted the face and the profile and I found the rest of the body! The title '

Anyuúkô mmamïrī önü ô gbá ûfüfü'

 loosely translates into 'doing things together yields more power' 

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Trees present me with a platform to share my culture; with them, I share my rich adages. Most of these works are titled according to the adage it resonates. I can't help but leave them in my dialect. Let me know if you need an interpretation on any of them. I have also left some of the works empty(untitled) please you are invited to suggest a title for them.

Bear in mind that these trees could be found at the individual backyards, Cemeteries, forests, Parks or just randomly growing everywhere.
There are thousands of them. I usually ask “if dogs could talk, what would they say?”
 So I wonder if trees could talk what would they say?
I know they whisper to me and let me in to their world.

Let me know your favorite from this collection, please.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

I present this image “Proud of myself” to help you see what my project looks like
I do not expect you to grasp it at once.

But follow me and enjoy this free magic and awes of nature which could be found in unexpected places.

Just today I discovered the second image behind the 'proud' person. It struck me that once you accept yourself 'the universe' will also embrace you!!!

Here is Liz Hall's inspired work from this image  


She says; "Not to scale or proper proportioning. But Mother Nature contains within itself by

 its very Nature conflict, irresolvable tension, by which it is balanced and harmonized while

 being battle worn and scarred. Mother Nature nurtures the Hound puppy and the Older Fox

 around her neck as a living fur Stole giving Her comfort and inner peace that this is part of

 her Nature. She supports and protects the Hound nestled, cradled between her lower right

 cheek and jaw and the Fox’s body over her left shoulder, under her chin and its head over 

her heart with her strong, interlocking arms. The Hound is above the Fox so maybe the

 domesticated Hound is superior to the feral Fox but the Fox is closest to her heart.

Do you see it? As you rightly say - trees evoke different images in the beholder even though

 each tree is the same and doesn’t change.